• Sea and Air ports
    To build up a professional radio communication system, we should consider the territories of airports and seaports with a high density of subscribers in a relatively small area. At the same time as integration with external radio communication networks of other protocols, including analog ones could be crucial.
  • Industry
    Whether it is a power plant, an assembly plant, a mining pit or a chemical industry plant, it is necessary to work out in details and aspects, before taking any decision about future professional radio system
  • Metro or rail
    The Metro or Rail is a transport facility with a high concentration of passengers and, as a result, a place of increased danger and a potential place for committing terrorist acts. Both types of transport serve as the backbone of the city’s public transport system, with guaranteed delivery times for passengers between different points in the city and suburbs. Thus, radio communication system can serve both transport and security purposes.
  • In-building coverage
    While creating a radio communication system, it is often impossible to predict whether radio coverage will be provided inside buildings, shelters, tunnels. Installation of an additional radio base station can be expensive or impossible if the infrastructure is owned by third parties. In this case, the use of repeaters is justified
  • PTT over public network
    Sometimes the number of subscribers is small, and the territory is measured by long distances (for truck drivers, logistics) and it is not economically feasible to build your own radio communication system. In this case, you have to think of using of group communication over public cellular networks with PTT over Cellular (POC) technology